Introducing Everything Ansible

Hello all. It’s been a month (or maybe it was two) since I last posted. Life simple got busy and I realized that I wanted to do blogging on Ansible and my general musing on software development, but I actually didn’t want to mix them. As such, I’ve decided to create a blog solely on Ansible. It’s called Everything Ansible and it’s 2nd post went live today. I will try to be posting there on a weekly basis and will post here once or twice a month starting in January. Topics will be around software development and will probably vary quite a bit.

Before you go, ponder this. We, as in the general development community, have been making software for 30+ years. One of the key ideas is code reuse. So by do we still have the same fundamental types, like string, int, floats, double, dates, etc. Sure we’ve added specialized types over the years like Dictionary, Hastables, Tuples, etc, but in all that time we’ve never created reusable object for types that occur commonly across implementations. I mean an seasoned developer has probably created a phone number or an address or a social security number (for those in the US). There are a set of rules that are fairly common to these types. Phone number has a set pattern based on geography, postal code also follow a set of rules based on certain criteria. So why hasn’t someone made a extensible library for these common object, like we have for UI controls? I’ll explore this idea and how it could be created to be highly configurable and extendable in January.

So long for now, have a happy holiday and look for my post on the above sometime in January.